Shamima’s Misery

Shamima’s misery started the day she was married. Her husband was a greedy person and he used to abuse her verbally and physically. Within a few months into her marriage she had to leave her husband Amirul Islam. Now Shamima vows to work with women, who are ill-fated like her. She has 43 female members in her organization working for her. She trains the members herself and then provides them with work. She designs fabrics, makes block-print, brushpaint and hand-embroidered sarees. She also makes three-piece dresses for women, and fatuas for men. She sells these products in her shop and supplies them outside. Shamima has a dream now, a dream to do something for the helpless people. She wants them to feel useful. They can live with self-respect and dignity. With this in view, she goes out looking for such people. Shamima finished her story with a smile. Shamima has no complaints, no regrets, no grudges. All she wants to do is to bring a smile on the faces of those women who are unfortunate. Shamima wants to become a famous designer.